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Ni Hsin Group is a leading manufacturer of Premium Stainless Steel Multi-ply Cookware in Asia. Ni Hsin Group manufactures a complete range of Premium Stainless Steel Multi-ply Cookware ranging from pressure cookers, woks, pots and sauce pans for household and commercial use on an OEM or ODM basis. To ensure the high standards of quality expected of our products, we also manufacture Buffalo Clad, which is our own multi-ply stainless steel clad metals used in our stainless steel cookware sets.
Ancillary to our expertise in high grade stainless steel, Ni Hsin Group also designs and manufactures stainless steel convex mirrors and stainless steel household water filteration systems.
Currently located in Seri Kembangan, Peninsular Malaysia, with an area of almost 20,000 sq.m., Ni Hsin Group employs some 250 employees and produces over 6,000 units of stainless steel premium cookware in a single shift.
Ni Hsin Group's pioneering efforts have propelled the Group ahead of its competition. Continuous Research & Development in the design and manufacture of Premium Stainless Steel Multi-ply Cookware is undertaken to improve our product quality for consumers around the world.
Ni Hsin Group's manufacturing and production facilities incorporate state-of-the-art, fully-automated and semi-automated equipment, coupled with efficient management and operation systems to ensure quality products meet customers' requirements. Our products testify to quality systems and standards applied through the years in compliance with 9001:2008 by S.G.S. Yarsley.
Despite regional and global challenges, growing competition and a continuous increase in customer expectations, Ni Hsin Group is committed to offering uncompromised quality to our customers, thus facilitating its position at the forefront of the stainless steel cookware industry and a move into the future with confidence.